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    How to Manage Money And Make More Money

    The different ways to manage money and increase it through investments is of the best things that I learned through my work in finance. This post won’t be about risky investments though, today we…

    14. June 2017

    Luxury Shoe Collection

    Luxury shoes are the dream of every fashion lover. Here is my shoe collection – it isn’t big really! I have sold many of my shoes in the past months and I will tell…

    29. April 2017

    Interior Design: Welcome To My Home

    I love interior design: “There is no place like home”. This famous quote from the movie The Wizard of Oz defintely express the feeling of having a safe harbour to go back to. A home…

    19. April 2017

    Beauty Haul: Spring Skincare

    Spring is finally here and it is time for a spring skincare! Cause whilst we long for the so missed warmth of the sun, our skin isn’t quite ready for the change of seasons…

    12. April 2017

    Spring/Summer Essentials: Sunglasses

    Spring is coming and it is time to leave the house! Backyard barbecue parties, outdoor weddings and hiking trips are on the list and on these sunny days the accessory that won’t be missing…

    7. March 2017