Interior Design: Welcome To My Home

19. April 2017

I love interior design: “There is no place like home”. This famous quote from the movie The Wizard of Oz defintely express the feeling of having a safe harbour to go back to. A home is not a building but the place that most represents your nature… and this is my home, welcome!

A few months ago we have decided to buy our first flat. The most important thing for us was location. The flat should be in the city but in a very good borough, great school district, as it should work for us as an investment – we plan to buy a house in a few years. It took me months to decorate the home but it still feels like a work in progress.

All around the house you will find some designer pieaces that were carefully chosen to accentuate the atmosphere, of course also a few furnitures from IKEA (I can’t resist!) but the most important thing for us is that each room feels homy. I hope you enjoy the few pieces and bits of my home:

Living Room

When it comes to the living room, our priority is to make it cosy but not cluttered. I still need to give the room a few accents here and there but the idea and direction of the room is already there.

A cousy couch to enjoy our evenings.

TV and Bookshelf

Designer piece: Sun mirror

Great memory of a trip to NYC

One foto of a trip to San Francisco

Designer piece: Petrol station Clock and Date Table


Most people in Germany, where I live, don’t care much about corridors. As the result of ignoring the potencial of these rooms, corridors end up discontinuing the interior design of the home. In our flat, we decided to integrate them in our style.

Entrance: Simple with accents

This painting, actually a mix between painting and collage, come from Denmark and is a n eye-catcher

Corridor to the bedrooms: wide enough for a bookshelf and a few pictures.

This picture I bought in IKEA. When I saw it I needed to have but when I got home, I didn’t know where to hang it up. Lucky me it fits well in between doors!

Dining Room

This room is integrated in the living room but the accents we gave to this area were a mix between rustic and classic.

Sadly the camera couldn’t capture the creamy colour of the walls but it shows the flair of the room well.

This table is a desiner piece and unique. It was made from one tree and it shows the details of every corner. I love it!

This suspended luminaire is also a designer piece and an eye-catcher. Everyone wants to know where it was from, it gives that cozyness needed to the room.


Our kitchen isn’t that big, which is typical for city appartments but it is enough to cook with 2  or 3 friends.

We havent done much to this room yet because we plan to renew it completly. The only thing we have done, was to change the color from white to mint green.

This counter was already in, I just bought some details for the wall.

I love this black marble counter and it is perfect for a quick breakfast for 2!

Working Corner

Our working corner isn’t that big. We defnitely have to work on hiding the cable tangle but the corner is quite efficient and does it work.


When it comes to the bedroom we agreed on an relaxing style, not cluttered but with some accents. The colour I chose was lavender, it may be controversial for a guy, but it makes from this room a perfect place to come down and this is what I relate to lavender.

This bed is the heart of the room, all the details were chosen around it.

I wanted this room to have some french touch, the curtains helps to the french flair

This armchair is perfect for spending a rainy day reading a book.

Id rather have an walk-in closet but this built-in closet does the job!

Sport/ meditation Room

This room is actually going to be guestroom/relaxing room but for now we are usng it as a sport/meditation room. There isn’t much to see yet but we are getting there!

Again, here we have a pastel lavender colour and loads of green.


We have a big balcony watching over a green area and direct view to the city’s broadcasting tower.

Our balcony is directed to the south side, which is perfect cause we have sun the entire day! And this makes winter quite tolerable.

A few impressions of our balcony.

Its amazing to spend the night enjoying this view.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour. See you soon!

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