Foodgasm: Mashed Potatoes & Asparagus Salad

16. April 2017

This is our first Foodgasm posting and I can’t wait to share with you delish recipes that are extremely easy and fast to make. Here we will  try to combine little time in the kitchen with amazing taste and healthy ingredients. Let’s get into it!

I love the vegetarian kitchen and try to eat vegetarian most days the week. This is the reason why I decided to cook this this delicious dish this Sunday and here is the recipe:

Mashed Potatoes:

This mashed potatoes for 2 are pretty easy to do and you will cook these potatoes in less than 20min:

5 large potatoes peeled and cut in into small chunks

200ml milk (or more)

1/2 table spoon butter

1 egg


Herbes de Provance as you wish (or mix Rosemary, thyme and oregano together)

Usually it takes me around 15min to cook my potatoes (10min if I dice them). When they are cooked I mash them using a fork and adding milk until it is creamy – it is okay if you leave little chunks in your mashed pottoes! After mashing it  I add an egg, mixing it fastly to your potatoes. Your next step is to add and mix butter, herbs and salt to your mashed potatoes.

Advice: a small pinch of muscat nut pounder will transform your mashed potatoes!

Asparagus Salad

This Asparagus salad is great in summer and so easy to make!

250g Asparagus (green or white or both!) cut into small pieces

Vinaigrette (see recipe below)

4 pieces dried tomatoes (cut into pieces)

4 strawberries (cut into pieces)

First of all, peel the white asparagus (this step is not necessary for the green one!) and cook the asparagus for approx. 10min. Remove the water and add the Vinaigrette:

2 Tspoons olive oil

1 Tspoon vinegar

1 pinch of sugar

1/2 pinch salt

Mix it all together as fast as you can! And that is it 🙂

Mix the Vinaigrette and add the dried tomatoes and the strawberries!

Enjoy your meal and have fu trying new things in your kitchen!

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