Luxury Haul: Getting Ready For Spring

10. March 2017

Spring is almost there and I have been feeling the urge to welcome the warmth by upgrading my wardrobe and accessories with iteams I have been wanting for a while.  Here are the new pieces I picked up in my luxury haul:

Chanel Espadrilles



I know some people can’t even hear about Chanel Espadrilles anymore but I can’t get enough. These shoes are not only super comfy, they are also an eye catcher. I just can’t wait to wear them on my next travel destination! Actually I like them so much that I am already thinking about buying a second pair! Something beige and black!

Chloe Drew Bag


I have been thinking about buying something from Chloe for a while now. Because of its flair, the bag I had in mind for a while was the Chloe Faye. But there was one thing that bothered me about it: that the brand doesn’t hold its value. Not that every bag I buy, I buy for investment reasons but I usually take this into consideration. Although I was looking for a Faye bag, when I saw this one I had to buy  it! I bought this bag preloved, in perfect conditions and saved around 500 Euros!

Chanel Slingback Pumps

Oh my Gosh, I have dreamet of these shows for a few seasons now! And although I couldn’t find them in the colours I wanted, I am sure these will not be my last pair of slingback pumps! These shoes are so comfy and extremely comfy. Some people call them the “granny shoes” but they are beautiful and so elegant and stylish!

Gucci Marmont Pumps

These have to be one of the most comfy pumps I own. I didn’t get the highest one, which is the reason why it is realy comfy! These shoes are perfect for a shopping day, believe me cause I have tried it! They are not only an eye-catcher, you will be able to walk long distances without even realising.

This is my luxury haul, there are still a few things on my list but this we will talk about in a new post. Spring can come, cause I am getting ready!

So, now I am curious to know what you have on your luxury list?

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