Spring/Summer Essentials: Sunglasses

7. March 2017

Spring is coming and it is time to leave the house! Backyard barbecue parties, outdoor weddings and hiking trips are on the list and on these sunny days the accessory that won’t be missing in my bags is a pair of sunglasses.

These are some of my favourite sunglasses. They are not from this season, to be honest I never follow sunglasses’ trends – I buy what I like and what I am sure I will use for a long time. Important is that the quality is good and my eyes are protected, and if you invest in good sunglasses once they will last for a long time and you won’t need to spend a lot in sunglasses.

This pair of Chanel sunglasses is just what I was looking for. I think all of us need a pair of red sunglasses and if it is Chanel it is a plus.


IMG_4e6ecd5d9f5524feaf7c01c5e134f912This pair of Dior sunglasses was a present I got from my mother a few years ago when I was in college. It is an eye-catcher, wherever I go to with these sunglasses people ask me to take a look, where I bought it and to try it on.

I don’t use these shades daily, it is a nice piece of jewelery and pretty extravagant but it is a beautiful item to glamourise a simple outfit, such as jeans and tank top.

These shades were pretty expensive, it is still the most expensive sunglsses I own. Totally worth it but I was lucky enough to get it from my mother cause I would not have bought it otherwise.


Other essential sunglasses I own is a pair of Marc Jacobs‘. This one has a retro aura, which I love. It wasn’t that expensive, especially comparing to the Dior, but its beauty is in the simplicity. One of my favourites!


IMG_7c7cd6b6e2e1de4638a7388552dec3bdEvery one should have a paior of Rayban!

These sunnies are always in my working bag! It goes with everything, it is simple and classic. It is always my choice when I am not sure which shades work better with my outfit.

It is true, Rayban can be kind expensive – nothing to compair with Chanel’s and Dior sunglasses though! – but if you go for a simple style it won’t. I think I paid about 90 Euros for this one and it is totally worth it!

And everybody knows that Rayban makes high quality sunglasses and are very desired designs. I’d definately always buy one of their sunglasses if I had to hoose between this and other brands.

So, what are your favourite shades for the summer? Is it in yout essencial list as well? I’d love to know more.




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