Anime Makeover With The Meitu App

29. January 2017

If you are a fan of anime or you are looking for ideas to enhance your Instagram photos, Meitu will transform your selfies. Not only you can add an anime touch to your pics, you can also put the finishing touches using a beauty retouch feature.

Past Friday Martin came home talking about an App that “makes every selfie looks cute” -right away I was thinking “what the heck is he talking about?”. I have to say that when it comes to apps I am not the most up to date person, actually I am almost the last person to hear about or try these things. But this time I was kind of interested in it, or better said, curious.

The picture he showed me of him cracked me up so hard. It really made him look like a very sensitive school boy and it was so funny to see that I decided to have a try on it and make some fun pics.

Here are some of the beauty features this app offers (I haven’t tried it yet, but according to the app it should work like any other photo editing app):
1. Skin enhancement, eyes brightening and face-lifting
2. Remove blemishes, acne and other skin imperfections.
3. Virtual facelift with slimmering function and adding curves to your body!
4. Remove dark circles and bags under your eyes, also brightening and enlarging your iris
5. Longer and slimmer legs


However, these fun and artistic features are cool tools to have some fun with your selfies and it also offers a way to post your pics on most social media outlets or save it on your mobile.

Let me know if you guys have already tried this app and how do you like it. I’m pretty sure that anyone who enjoys the cute effects on Instagram or Snapchat will have loads of fun with this one here.

Here you can download the app for:

iPhone and GooglePlay

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