Shopping At Chanel – My Experience At The Boutique

22. January 2017

Those who read my blog may have noticed how much I love Chanel. It isn’t about the hype the brand has been experiencing the past years with all bloggers sharing photos of Chanel bags, shoes, etc – I love the heritage of mademoiselle Coco Chanel. What about you? Have you ever asked yourself what is like to shop at the Chanel Boutique? If you expect them to roll out the red carpet for you, you may get disappointed!

I have never thought about the way SA’s treat people at Chanel – I am from Germany and you rarely get good service here (sadly it is fact!). However, the last time I went to the boutique I wasn’t alone and it made a big difference.

Shortly before our drive to Chanel, Martin asked me to stop at Louis Vuitton to buy a few things – as always, Louis Vuitton shines not only for its quality but also with their excellent service. After this quick stop, we drove to the Chanel Boutique and then…

(By no means, it is not my intention to make generalisations but only my experience at one Chanel boutique – the visit to another chanel boutique is already planed and I am looking forward to it!)

BTW: If you wonder how much Chanel bags cost in your country check this page!

As we arrived at the boutique we were greeted (not too friendly though) by the doorman. The boutique was pretty much empty although sales had just begun, but as Chanel  Sales are not the greatest I wasn’t that surprised. Because I didn’t see any SA, the first thing I did in there was to head to the shoe section. 5 minutes had passed and no one had asked me if they could help me with anything so I looked to a counter a few meters away and saw an SA basically looking at the streets. Martin was quite annoyed that nobody seemed to care that we were unattended in there, as I headed to the woman and asked if she had time to help me. She looks at me and say “Oh, yeah, sure”.

Because I had a long list of things I would like to buy at Chanel, I fastly forgot the fact that they basically didn’t care that we were there, so I went for it. Firstly, I told her I would like to have espadrilles in my size and she went to take a look. After a minute she comes back and says that she didn’t. So I asked her what about slingback pumps, she looked at me with the face “what are you talking about” and said one more time “no” – not a friendly smile, nor a “I am so sorry we don’t have it in store. But we may get some around… and we can call you or you can call and check”, etc.

Now I am really annoyed and decide to just check some few things and leave the store. My list included:

  • Take a look at 2 bags (and maybe end up buying one or even both)
  • 2 pairs of shoes (pumps and espadrilles)
  • one pair of earrings
  • one brooch
  • a card holder

At this time I asked her to please show me the earrings and brooches. I quickly found one of each and moved on to the card holder, I picked one and asked her to quickly pack my things – you can see them here.

As we left the boutique Martin said: “If I were you I would buy many Louis Vuitton bags and start a collection but I would not give my money to Chanel. You can’t even compare the customer care of both stores”. What can I say, he is right… sadly! I hope my next experience at Chanel is better than that or they won’t be seeying me another time!

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