Birthday Haul – Chanel and Louis Vuitton

6. January 2017

With my birthday getting closer I drove to a city near by to check out a few things at Louis Vuitton and Chanel. The result of that shopping day was a mini luxus haul and an amazing day in Hamburg.

Our first stop was at Louis Vuitton – definitely one of my favourite boutiques and the best customer service so far. There, we were looking for a wallet for Martin, which they didnt have in store but would order for him. I got this beautiful scarf from him, it is a mixture of silk and wool.

Our next stop was at Chanel – I will write a shopping experience blog to share with you guys my experience there (click here to see my review), but what I can say now is that if you know the customer experience at Louis Vuitton, you will be very disappointed at Chanel! Anyhow, I was hoping to find something on sale – but I have the impression that at Chanel Sales all you find is what nobody else wanted to buy (and they had a reason not to buy it!). I didn’t find anything on sale but I found other nice things:

The first piece I was looking for was a card holder, which I would use as a small wallet. I had in mind the flap bag card holder or the boy one – both in black and gold -but while I was there waiting to take a look at the card holders another lady bought the flap bag card holder in lambskin and this made my decision easy: I bought the boy one in caviar leather!

The next piece I had my eyes on was a brooch, sadly they didn’t have many styles there but I was quite happy with my choice. A mixture of small stone and mini pearls, a beautiful piece!

To go with the brooch I just needed a pair of earrings, sadly they didn’t have any in these style and I decided to stick to these Chanel classic piece. I thought they would also work with the brooch:

So that was my birthday haul! What was your last haul and what kind of things are you wishing to get soon?

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