Travel Diaries: Andalusia & Gibraltar

15. December 2016

One of my favourite countries to visit is Spain, where I find my peace of mind. Not only because of its beauty, but the food is divine and the people is the best. And when in Andalusia go visit Gibraltar, between british way of life and mediteranian weather. 

Usually we fly to Spain in November. It is a way to flee winter and enjoy the sun (this time you can expect sunny 22C, felt temperature of over 28-33C), go for swim in the atlantic ocean and visit the beautiful small villages, trying the famous spanish wines, cheese and food.

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Our favourite hotel is in Costa de la luz in the little village of Conil de la Frontera, Hotel Gran Conil. The village alone is amazing, the white houses all around and the long beaches, quite empty in November is worth the visit. From there you can go on a 45min bus ride to Cadiz, the capital – why the bus? Because in this way you can enjoy the little trip, as you get to see a lot of the country side.

IMG_411f7259d487fa324c456425876bf589 IMG_3577cc0ff473e38359290a3f3385a4ea IMG_63734f5b324444edd268412e39ee267dIMG_285a5edf37c54a228e41816ad53fa4f0 IMG_8db1f5c37cb8c5ce20a2420a063d1f63 IMG_a6bbc984246f2c1998edf99a7cc74f2b IMG_ab43892f1d4881620c487aa493860fe9 IMG_df17a53a24ea9ecb89e668828ef7a024

From there you can go on a trip to Gibraltar as well. Gibraltar has always fascinated me, I even wrote my theses about it! A british overseas territory marked by many wars between the British and Spaniards fighting for the control over the Rock. A beautiful place, the airport is the main street of the city, which closes every now and then for airplanes to land. It always fun to see the apes (Babary macaques) of Gibraltar, the legend says that as long as there are apes in Gibraltar, it will be British – so no need to worry GB, the apes are doing great, having loads of babies. Oh, but watch your bags: if they get interested in it, they will try to get it from you!

IMG_488f6c9845129aa603da0e25b94e1a76 IMG_615c60516762180273520618a03d7793 IMG_180531ac64d580fd9f80e37399bf80d9 IMG_e37c2cb855db6d3ce41ddb9fed89a0f7 IMG_fbf5332f6483d00caf9288f847c7affb

On the way back, there is the beautiful city of Tarifa! From there you can look at Morocco, you can almost touch it… so beautiful!

IMG_1b2539cb77fe3aaee61586c3719ba44e IMG_377c83a8111b7ad7de2efffa83b57b28 IMG_819f4a726b5445260ddf2f3bf676572d IMG_ef944a099c47644a3e1225d63cf5d56b

I am looking forward to our next trip there. I still have to visit Seville, the villages of Ronda and a short trip to Morocco!

What is your favourite vacation destiny? And what are the places of interest over there?


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