Louis Vuitton Agenda PM: Review & Set Up

5. December 2016

Louis Vuitton agendas are practical, adorable and pretty indestructable, but are they worth the money?

At the moment I realised I needed a new agenda, Louis Vuitton came into my mind. I have never been an ultra fan of Louis Vuitton, I liked it enough to buy a couple of bags but if there is one thing no one can deny is the quality of its products. When it comes to the agenda, it’s no different – it is pretty robust, my agenda is from 2011 and it is still in great condition.

IMG_f0e40a15b9b1ee8b389f0ded69de6bddOne advice if you are willing to buy Louis Vuitton Agenda but you are on a budget: try to purchase the agenda near the end of the year. Because the staff would have to throw away the refills anyway to make space for the ones of the new year, there is a big chance that you will get the complete refill of the current year for free. And with that I mean trunk bookmark, ruler, the world map and the note pages. Although I am not sure if they still include the ruler, maps etc, but in this case just ask if they have it. In this way you would save about 82 Euros and still have a Louis Vuitton refill – and seriously, who would even care that they are from the past year if you had it for free? It is like getting a discount!

The agenda cover is the best. It is light weighted and durable, you can even use it as a small bag on occasions. I always take it with me at lunch time at work because it is handy, there are 3 credit card slots on the side, for money there are 2 slip pockets and if you need to write down something work related or the number of a colleague, you’ll have everything you need right there. Not to mention that it feels really luxurious in the hand. If the 3 card slots are not enough for your life style, you can purchase extra plastic card holders.

There is also a leather pen holder on the side, I love the Louis Vuitton ball point pen as well. It is kind of pricy for a pen but you can buy it on eBay and save a lot of money.

As for the space in the agenda, it can get jam-packed quickly. Because it is the smallest agenda they offer, it doesn’t offer a load of space (this is the reason why I feel that I will be buying a new agenda next year). When it comes to writting space, the lines offer an adequate space for writing, although I have to say that my handwriting is small. The closer you write near the rings, the trickier it will be.


Here is the Set Up


The beautiful Dashboards I bought from Etsy:

My year planner, to do list, phone book and transparent envelope, which I use for money, are from Filofax.

Note paper, ruler, map and stickers are from Louis Vuitton.

If the agenda is worth the money? Yes, definitely! It will cost a lot for an agenda but it will practically last forever and the more years you use it the the “cheaper” it will turn out to be. I have been using my agenda for 5 years – which would mean that so far it has costed me $50 a year.

I hope you liked the post and feel free to comment or ask anything you want! See ya!


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