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2. December 2016

Blogging and comfort zone: One of the most important thigs one can do in life is stepping out of their comfort zone. This is what blogging means to me – it is scaring and fascinating!

bloggingI love the idea of sharing my taste, a part of my life, getting to know people with the same interests and from all around the world – and blogging open this door for me. People who love fashion, beauty, travelling and all the little beautiful things in this world.

Bagcetera was born from these feelings. Here is a place for everyone who love fashion and want to be a part of this community. I am sharing with you not only pieces and bits of my life and wardrobe but I also would like to share some tips and advices on how to save money for luxury items such as investment pieces, travel diaries and cooking (a hobby of mine).

I hope you enjoy this ride and feel free to visit and stick around, sharing your blogs and your opinions.



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